De ces innovations seront lancés en 2019!
Amorim Top Series launches 100% sustainable capsulated stoppers
Les whiskys et les gins scellés au liège se distinguent aux World Whiskies Awards et aux World Gin Awards
Amorim Top Series voit la vie en rose
Top Series sponsorise les trophées 2017 du Hall of Fame de Whisky Magazine
Les bouchons à tête en liège sont de plus en plus populaires dans les segments à croissance rapide tels que le gin, le rhum, le whisky haut de gamme, la vodka et les bières artisanales.
Amorim Top Series met en œuvre une rénovation ambitieuse de ses locaux
Les grands whiskys sont toujours scellés avec des bouchons en liège
Le bouchon “Whitetop” d’Amorim Top Series choisi par Windspiel Premium Dry Gin
Amorim Top Series lance Freedecor, un service révolutionnaire
Amorim partners with Spiritual Luxury Living to market Corks in India
TopSeries unveils new promotional video
Top Series® chosen for KWV Nexus 30-year old Potstill Brandy
Amorim reinforces its world distribution network
TopSeries stoppers certified by the FSC
Top Series sparkles in Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame awards
Keeping the genie in the bottle
Top Series® est le bouchon retenu pour l’Edition exclusive du 125e Anniversaire de Glenfiddich
My Top Series
Amorim Top Series Unit lance un nouveau site internet pour la gamme Top Series®
CORTICEIRA AMORIM sponsors Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame awards
The Lean Kaizen Award recognizes CORTICEIRA AMORIM’s
“Superlatively Divine Brandy/ Prince Wittgenstein”
Kentucky Bourbon Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary
Top Series® premium stopper collection presented in Paris
Top Series luxury spirit closures seals the word's oldest malt whisky
AMORIM seals £100,000 whisky
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Amorim reinforces its world distribution network


The world’s leading cork manufacturer for spirits drinks, Amorim TopSeries Unit, has been expanding its global reach, by sealing new distribution agreements that further reinforce its local presence.

Examples of that are the distribution agreements inked with Gaasch Packaging for the Scottish market, in Russia with Moscow firm Rusvinpack, in Mexico with Acusticos & Sellantes, in Brazil with Four Trees Inteligência & Valor and in Poland with ENOTECH.

Amorim also relies on its in-house production and own distribution network all around the globe. In France, Amorim TopSeries Unit has its own local finishing and distribution facility, Amorim Cognac Unit, which also finalises TS corks. In Italy - Amorim Cork Italia and in the US, Amorim Cork America.
Amorim clocked up record performances over the last four years, in spite of the world economic situation.
Corticeira Amorim is responsible for 35% of the world’s entire cork manufacturing, recording €543 million revenues from 22,000 customers in 2013.
Based in Portugal, the biggest cork-producing country in the world, Amorim exports 95% of its annual production to more than 100 countries.
Building on its 144-year track record of high quality production, the group currently invests €6 million per year in R&D investment, with 21 patents submitted in the past five years.

Cutting edge technology has enabled Amorim to maximize the quality of its cork stoppers and augment cork ability to unprecedented levels.
Recent examples include the WhiteTop cork stopper especially designed for white spirits, the Helix cork stopper, released in June and an innovative process for testing corks for the trichloroanisole (TCA) compounds that cause “corked” wine.
36 of the group’s production units have FSC certification and in order to guarantee its rigorous production standards it relies on 3,350 associates.
The Amorim Group is a multinational player, with operations in every continent, encompassing 84 companies (64 located outside Portugal) and 297 key distribution players.