Production Flowchart

FOOD STANDARDS All Amorim & Irmãos, S.A. products comply with current regulations and legislation (European and FDA - Food and Drug Administration) for products in contact with food.

Recommendation to Users

Amorim & Irmãos (A&I) TOPSERIES Unit advises users to:

Selection and Storage of Stoppers

  - TopSeries Unit should previously receive bottles in order to calculate the required stopper from the analysis of the configuration of the neck of your bottle;
  - A&I stoppers should be used on short term (up to 6 months);
  - Store in a well-ventilated room with controlled temperature between 15°C and 20°C and 50% to 70% humidity.

Inserting the stopper

  - Ensure insertion of the stopper is performed smoothly.
  - Minimize moisture on the inside of the bottle neck.
  - The ideal bottling conditions are: temperature between 15° and 20°C and humidity between 50-70%. Bottling under different conditions may require non standard products, to be specified by A&I, TopSeries Unit;
  - Avoid thermal shocks between the drink and the bottle.


  - After bottling, always keep bottle upright;
  - Ideal bottle storage conditions are 15°-25°C at 50-70% humidity;
  - Keep the facilities free of insects;
  - Bottles should be kept in an upright position while stored and during transport.

Maintaining Equipment

  - Ensure the corking machine operates smoothly;
  - Clean all cork-handling surfaces regularly with chlorine-free products;
  - Ensure all dust is eliminated using air sprays in strategic positions, particularly prior to stopper insertion. Frequent cleaning of the corking device is very important.

Top Series stoppers are conceived for drinks with alcohol content between 15% and 45% vol. Different alcohol content may require a non standard cork and should be duly analyzed by A&I, TopSeries Unit.
A&I, TopSeries Unit should be informed specifically about what type of drink will be bottled with TopSeries corks.

IMPORTANT: for white spirits, only non-standard TopSeries corks are recommended. In such cases, A&I should be informed, previously, in order to propose the most appropriate solution.

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