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Amorim Top Series Unit launches new Top Series® website


New site forms part of an ambitious growth strategy.

Amorim Top Series Unit, a division of the world’s leading cork manufacturer, Corticeira Amorim, has unveiled a new website - - for its award-winning range of elegant capsulated cork stoppers for premier spirit brands.The website is currently available in four languages – Portuguese, English, French and Russian – thus covering key target markets for this product range.

Top Series® is a range of exclusive capsulated cork stoppers available in four-market segments that seamlessly merge natural cork’s environmental advantages with Corticeira Amorim’s closure design, industrial and distribution capabilities.

Alongside its overall sleek design, the new Top Series® website offers original features such as the interactive simulator - “My Top Series” - which enable Amorim's sales specialists to show to clients and choose customized stopper solutions for their specific packaging requirements (see below).

Launched in early 2009, the Top Series® range of capsulated cork stoppers provides spirits producers with a one-stop-shop, capable of meeting all their stopper requirements – from classic mass-market solutions to bespoke designs for exclusive limited editions.

Capsulated cork stoppers for spirits are enjoying significant growth, in particular within the high-end section of the market, which is growing by around 10-12% per annum - driven by rising demand for deluxe-packaged quality spirits, in particular from emerging economies.

Via the Top Series® range, the Amorim Group has leveraged its pivotal position as the world’s leading supplier of cork stoppers, with a 27,5% share of the global market, to generate double digit annual growth in its total sales of capsulated cork stoppers.

The Top Series® range was launched in Luxe Pack Monaco in 2009 and since then has been showcased in a wide array of leading industry events, such as the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown, Kentucky - the “Bourbon Capital of the World” and Emballage (Salon International de l’Emballage) in Paris - the largest and most prestigious international packaging fair in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

High-profile applications of the Top Series® range include hand-crafted stoppers for the world's oldest bottled single malt whisky (Mortlach 70-Year-Old from Gordon & Macphail), an exclusive 3-bottle edition of the world’s most expensive whisky (Dalmore Trinitas 64) and an exclusive edition of the 50-year-old Superlatively Divine Brandy/Prince Wittgenstein.

Industry awards include the "Excellence in Productivity" award at the 1st Kaizen Lean Award competition organized in 2012 by the Kaizen Institute, which recognizes the enhanced performance and increased efficiency in the production of capsulated cork stoppers.

The new website boasts an attractive design, a comprehensive guide to the multi-segment range, interactive features such as My Top Series and a News section providing breaking news.

Launch of the new website is integrated within a broader strategy to consolidate recent achievements and catalyse a new growth period within this dynamic market area.

The new strategy is based on cutting edge design and technology developments, that in partnership with the world’s premier spirits brands will intensify the Top Series® brand’s market positioning.

The new website will be the privileged vehicle for involving partners and unveiling the brand’s latest news.